Who is Cemsel

Creativity, quality, reliability and empathy… We were founded on those values in 1990 in Istanbul. We provide production and partnership services to world-famous textile brands in the clothing sector, through our garment, textile and printing factories in various regions of Turkey.

We provide a seamless workflow for the leading textile brands in the heartlands of fashion, such as Germany, Italy, London and Spain, from fabric to the entire collection, from production control to the delivery phase.

With our profound experience in the field of fashion, our never-ending enthusiasm and our innovative stance, we offer quality to our customers in affordable prices.

We are aware of the importance of following the ever-changing technology and the short deadlines in our sector. We aim to establish a reliable long-long term cooperation by promptly meeting the demands of our customers.

Our Fabric and Printing Factories

Denizli Woven Fabric Factory

We manufacture 400,000 meters of fabric per month, in compliance with the international quality standards, in our cotton weaving factory which is equipped with an advanced machine park. We offer a variety of cotton-blend fabrics. We also manufacture organic and recycle fabrics.

Bursa Digital Printing Facility

In our digital printing facility which is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, in addition to printing on the fabrics that we manufacture ourselves, we offer fabrics that we produce by digital printing on the silk varieties that we import from China.

Our Manufacturing Factories

We have a weaving factory in Kastamonu. There, we provide products in the field of heavy woven fabrics, mainly for coats, jackets, trousers and suits.

We have a weaving factory in Bursa. There, we provide products in the field of light weaving for dress, blouse and skirt groups.

In Edirne, we have a weaving factory. There we provide products in the field of heavy weaving, mainly for trousers and jackets.

We have a tricot manufacturing factory. We have a wide range of tricot products, including 18 gauge.

We have a knitting factory in Istanbul. We provide fabrics for all product groups such as T-shirts, sweat-shirts, sportswear, leggings, dresses, overalls.

We have a shirt factory in Istanbul. There we provide products for men and women’s business shirts.

In addition to these factories owned by Cemsel Textile, we expand our production volume as required through our partner factories with sedex, bsci, etc. certifications.

Our Product Groups

We meet the needs of our customers in all categories of women’s, men’s and children’s products by providing light and heavy woven, knitted, tricot, denim, non-denim fabrics.

R&D and Design

We act with the awareness that the real strength behind sustainable growth for both ourselves and our customers is the investment in R&D.

We regularly participate in accessory and fabric fairs in Europe and Northern America with our research and development team. We continuously follow the innovations, for our customers to distinguish themselves from their competitors and to increase their market share.

We prepare 600 models every month with our designers in our headquarters in Istanbul and in our London design office. We display our collections in our showrooms prepared for the spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons and update them with new models on a regular basis.

We bring our customers with the top quality of the season to inspire our customers with our designs. We provide designs customised according to the specific price policy and style of each customer. We provide the same level of quality and care to the brands in every price range.


We form separate teams for each of our partner customers under the umbrella of Cemsel. Our customer representatives are composed of teams who speak the native language of their customers’ country.

Every department has its own textile engineer and purchasing personnel for Fabric & Accessories. 

The designers in our headquarters, together with our design office in London prepare 600 models every month. We visit and feed our customers with our designs as often as possible. We ensure the participation of many fabric manufacturers in the customer meetings held at our headquarters, to bring our customers the highest qualities of the season and meet their fabric needs.

We procure fabrics from Italy, Spain, Pakistan and China, in addition to domestic fabrics.

All samples and vendor samples are sewn by our pattern makers who are experts in their fields, in the model shop at our headquarters in Istanbul.

In addition to the technicians at our factories, there are around twenty expert technicians at our headquarters in Istanbul. Apart from these production control technicians, again at our headquarters, we also have internal technicians assigned for each customer. Internal technicians are responsible for the samples delivered to the customers, vendor samples and production preparation samples to shipped correctly.

We continuously invest in hardware and software. We provide our customers with the option to instantly share the virtual products and samples prepared with real-time photorealistic processing software. We rapidly meet the demands of our customers regarding the manufacturing process, from design to pattern preparation, from variant selection to dressing your designs with various fabrics and virtual fashion parades with 3D models.

We have an area of 150 square metres assigned to Cemsel Textile within an international transportation company. Our expert technicians speaking the languages for each country are continuously available there. After the final checks at the factories, the products are checked one more time by our technicians based there, before they are loaded and shipped.

We are continuing our business in a 6000 sqm building in the heart of Istanbul just 15 minutes drive to Atatürk Airport.

Cemsel From Past to Present